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June 28, 2010


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Well, yes, we're all a bit like crows and raccoons. We like shiny stuff. Pretty much by nature... and then society pounds on it until we bellieve we HAVE TO HAVE THIS THING OR I'LL DIE!!!!

Jesus said he came to set the captive free. He's probably the only free man the world has ever seen, and he wants to teach us to be free too. Freedom is, however, very difficult to pull off, not only because society fights against it but because it's terrifying. At least to me.

It's a daily struggle. Hold my head up and believe Jesus' promise of freedom? I don't even understand freedom! So, he has to show me what it is, and when I get a good look my knees quake. Life without boundaries.

It doesn't matter who sets the boundaries: family, society, church. If they don't fit they're a problem, and most boundaries are set for the convenience of the person setting them, not the peace and contentment of the bound. Nice euphemisms like "Homeland Security" disguise the intent of reduced freedom.

How to learn freedom? Walk with Jesus. Keep taking the steps. Eventually the path leads away from guilt, although churches are really good at heaping on the guilt. It takes time to grow, especially in the stony soil of the world we inhabit. Effort spent beating yourself up over trinket-fascination is effort that could go into exploring freedom.

I am glad to see your post. Glad to know you're still with us and asking questions. Even if a step is only an inch, God is pleased, I've learned. The only way to lose the way is to quit.

And take of this what fits. The data points are scarce, so I might be overreacting. If so, please forgive me. I just think that freedom is important.

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