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January 27, 2009


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It's quite a step to believe that God really is interested in me. "He's God," I can say. "He has to love me." But... does He like me? We've been playing tag for years; He keeps showing me that he can be trusted, that He does care. Some days I actually do believe it.

In its most basic form, the foundation of having a relationship with Jesus is simply not quitting. You may feel as if you're drowning. That goes with what you're trying to do. God, I've learned, allows us to set the pace. Maybe the feeling of drowning comes from you trying to force your pace; you don't make flowers grow faster by pulling on them. You grow into depth, and into light.


Hey, I know there's a time and season for everything... if blogging is not good for you right now, that's cool. But I'd love to hear what's up with you. Is there somewhere else online where you are hanging out, virtually, like Facebook or something? Though I seem to recall you were opposed to that.

Joe Kennedy

Remember when you used to post often? I miss that.


Joe -- ah, the good ole days. :)
As cliche as it sounds, it truly is good to know that I am missed. Thank you! And, yes, I am working on that....

Marti, Not at all opposed to Facebook... except that the evil vortex within it keeps sucking me in and trapping me there for hours at a time. :) I'll meet you there! :)

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