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October 23, 2008


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This brings up many thoughts which are hard to put into the limited resolution of words. One of them is something I'm very familiar with: using intellect to overpower emotion, as you suggest in "I will believe the Truth even though I don't feel it. I will act my way into feeling." is, in my experience, fraught with danger to the soul.

Looked at from another aspect, that of needing truth to anchor the soul to God's way of doing things, you're right on the money. Feelings can run away with us.

How do you balance between falling into the emotional abyss or the intellectual quagmire? This is where the words are really hard to use. It's something I've been learning recently. God would do, and has done, anything to save us, and His purpose isn't to trim off parts until we fit some idea. I think he wants us to grow. As Lois Bujold describes in "Paladin of Souls," it's not an improvement of a falcon's life to force it to learn to hunt birds by walking. You just end up with a very cranky, footsore bird.

But who knows what the soul is intended to be? Amid the noise of our own making there's God's voice calling us, a sweet fragrance wafting. Once recognized it's forever attractive. This can't be forced, can't be legislated, can't even really be taught. It has to be lived.

So, yes, it's a very good thing to *know* that you are forgiven. It's also a good thing to be so closely tuned to God's song that you hear it and feel the resonance all the time. All these things grow together, I think, with our awareness of God's presence.

Keep in mind that what I've written here is an approximation and needs to be discussed and thought about more.

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