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March 13, 2008


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My church meets in an old warehouse, or anyway, the anchor to a defunct shopping center. It was ugly. The old-timers kind of liked that, as it harkened back to the day when they moved from one school to another... they didn't want things too nice. Nobody EVER got married there. After we paid off the mortgage, fixed the leakin' roof, etc, God provided a major donor who gave a $1 million anonymous gift with no strings attached. The mission committee got a tithe of it, which was cool, and a lot of other good stuff happened too. Sadly, giving dropped; this was about five years ago and we've yet to recover. However, somewhere in there the elders decided to use part of 'the big taco' (as the $1 million was affectionately called) to build a new sanctuary inside out building. It feels like a living room. It has niches for prayer. It has pretty, ivory-colored walls. I was glad we didn't spend all our money on this, but it helps to have a comfortable, attractive environment. It makes a difference. So does our new worship leader, and particularly, his adorable wife with the great voice who leads our singing most Sunday mornings. We sound great with her leading us. And she can do new stuff, old stuff, in-between stuff just as well. I'm glad God gives us so many ways to worship.


I, too, am glad there are many places for people to worship. No corporate worship meeting has ever done it for me, especially those with lots of techno-razzle-dazzle. I haven't been in a church for years, and find riding or walking the hills around here to be more inspiring. It's quiet, I can think straight (with the Holy Spirit's help, of course), and there's time to think long thoughts.

Worship, for me, just doesn't fit a schedule. The flashing lights and moving images are a distraction. So are the rituals of "high church," for me. Once an iconoclast, always an iconoclast, I guess.

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