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March 07, 2008


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Well, please don't throw the baby out with the pews on the United Methodist Church :) - it still has some good Wesleyan links - check out


for a quick take on his understanding of grace and some sermon links. So far as I know, the best way to access Wesley's theology directly is through his sermons - and some of those are available online and others have been collected in various books (undoubtedly your local library would have some - and most fair-sized UMC churches will have a church library where his collected sermons are gathering dust :) but they will be glad to loan them to you!

If you want to read interpretations of Wesleyan theology, probably the premier Wesleyan scholar of the 1980s to 90's was Albert Outler (Perkins School of Theology at SMU in Dallas, Tx) - not sure which of his works would be most productive.

I find myself nearly in the position of some of the Old Testament folks - of having my own priest (actually, my son-in-law is a Methodist pastor) and if you want more informed oppinions of possible readings, let me know and I'll check with him :)

Grace and peace...


Well, like a bad penny, I'm back :)

A bit of my other reading mentioned John Wesley's journal and it occurred to me that might also be considered one of his 'writings'.

To my surprise, the page at


offers the journal in a plethora of text formats, including "Theological Markup Language (XML) - 1.1 MB" (which sounds fascinating in itself - imagine, theological XML!). There is even an .MP3 version, which might be good for me on my drive to and from work although that might require me to get a .MP3 player...

Grace and peace

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