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November 01, 2007


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I love MTM! You are going to make it. Good for you Lu. And stay away from those F's!


Congratulations, lu!! I'm so proud of you. How'd your finals go? Did you get the reaction you were hoping for on your research paper? I know how hard you were working on that. Keep up the good work and remember to take some time for yourself so you can relax and recuperate. Miss ya!


What a HUGE deal. You ROCK!
Now, what are you studying??


Thanks everybody! Ya'll are the greatest friends a girl could have. :)

Alisha, I'm getting my bachelor's degree in Business Management from Western Governor's University (www.wgu.edu). It's a totally online school that grades based on competency in the given subjects rather than on attendance and homework. In other words, my exams do not test whether or not I memorized the material, did the homework and showed up in class. Rather, they test how well I understand and am competent in the subject, and can competently perform tasks within the subject range (like creating a marketing plan, presenting that plan, creating financial reports, etc).

So it's a lot different than traditional school. I don't have classes with lectures; rather I have classes with assignments and materials from which I can learn, but I am the one who must search out the answers and solutions to the problems presented. It's taking me a while to get used to this model of school; I prefer lectures (odd as that sounds). But I'm slowly getting the hang of it.


So proud of you Lu! You have wanted to do this for so long! Yay! I have never ever seen you as a quitter... but still proud of you for sticking with it! No body understands that you do give up your life for a time! But when you get done... you'll think what do people do with all this time! :-)

Luv u!


Emily Hunter McGowin

I'm sorry that I just saw this post. Congratulations!!! I'm very happy for you. Its a profound sense of accomplishment to know you are gradually moving ahead. Good for you!

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