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October 20, 2007


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Hi Lu! I've been trying to ignore this election until after the calendar year changes, myself, but am starting to feel guilty. I don't watch TV and have gotten out of reading the paper so I'm not getting as much info as you do. Anyway, time to start paying attention. I'll take a look at your candidate, dem. though I am! (for the top offices I end up voting almost half-and-half).

I think I might spend half a day at my nearest big bookstore, skimming through some of the books written by or about some of the candidates - not something we've always had.

The thing about humility... I'm not convinced GWB has none. It's this principle he has that to admit the possibility of being wrong; that it would be bad for the country if he showed weakness. I don't buy the theory but I don't think I entirely understand it either. In my own circles I've often been around leaders who consider confidence a better gift to their supporters than accuracy, and I'm struggling with that. I see it working. And I don't like that it works.

You know when you're in a situation where a leader says, "Yeah, this is bad, but it's not as bad as it looks because at least we have [this], and you relax, and then [this] turns out not to be part of the deal after all, but you've already relaxed and committed to go along with things? It's been happening to me a lot. Not sure what to do about that! I think it's happening at the macro level with the war, etc. as well.

Still looking for patterns... and trying to learn from them.

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That's a really good point about the humility thing. I hadn't really thought of that. Yeah, I've had leaders like that too and it is very frustrating. But they don't understand why, because they think they are being positive and honest (or is that honestly positive...?). I've gotten to the point where I don't trust people who do that because I feel they are relying on faulty information/premise.

But it also comes down to whether or not that's a hill I'm prepared to die on. For me I'm usually not, so I let the leader go on in their little bubble and I just do my thing as best I can. In the case of GWB, though, it's getting harder and harder I think for the people under him to keep doing their thing. The only consolation is he only has a year left.

Regarding the candidates, I've thought of reading a few of the books too. But I'm kind of where you are in regards to time for reading. I'm reading three heavy-duty spiritual (work) books and getting ready to start some math classes that will require another two to three books, and I'm re-reading the Harry Potter books for a little entertainment in the middle of the hard books. I think if I added even one more book to my "currently reading" list, the whole stack is gonna topple over and bury me! :) It's a lot easier to watch (or sometimes listen as I multi-task with other things) television interviews and debates. It takes much less time than reading a big book...


So, that's why you like Grey's Anatomy, the TV show, and not Grey's Anatomy, the big book! Well, I'm sure each is fascinating in its own way.

Don't let life swamp you. Keep breathing. You're going to make it!

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