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October 07, 2007


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Great post, Lu. It's so hard to believe, to remember, that reality is better than our fantasy. Reminded me off this poem by Madeleine L'Engle, who recently passed away. I may not get the line breaks and punctuation right, as this is just from memory.

To a Long-Loved One

Because you're not who I would have you be
I blind myself to who in truth you are.
Seeking mirage
Where desert blooms I mar
Your you.

Because I'm not who I would have me be
I idolize two ones
Who are not you, who are not me
And so they never touch
Reality would burn;
I do not like in much.

And yet in you, in me, I see a trace of love
Which struggles to break through:
The hidden, lovely truth
Of me, of you.


That's awesome, Marti! Thank you for sharing it.


your words captured much about the weekend with everyone. rare those times to connect with those who carry your history woven within themselves. The time was brief, distracted, but valued.

(no I didn't get the oven cleaned yet...set off smoke alarms today)

Life is good and rich with friends, but sometimes the distance from them gives us a clearer view of the wealth of the reality of that person. lets' plan another road trip for sometime next summer... I'll be in CO in July and can just keep on driving!

and if you ever need a disneyland fix, mi casa es su casa!




DISNEYLAND!!! oh yes oh yes oh yes oh yesss!!! Can ya see me doing my happy dance? :) I may not want to live in Fantasyland anymore but I still want to VISIT and OFTEN. :)

I MISS you all sooooo much. I really wish I was there that day. Someday... someday I do hope to get back out there for a visit. Someday... maybe sooner than later. :)

LOVE you woman. Miss you so much (miss living next door to you too!).

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