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October 25, 2007


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Thank you so much! i just finished watching Grey's which i TiVo'd because i was at work. And i started searching for this song on google. And so random stranger, thanks!

Elizabeth Mc.

Thank you so much for posting this. Grey's just ended in my time zone (Pacific), and I immediately logged on to look for that song using the lyrics I heard. ABC.com was a bust, but then I saw your post. This is great. I am so excited to get this song.
Thanks again,


I too loved the song. If you're ever in need of help trying to figure out what you just heard on TV, check out this sight. They update pretty quickly too! :) http://www.tunefind.com/


I saw "Grey's" this evening and determined before going to bed that I would find and download what I now know to be Kendall Payne's song. The information that you provided were a tremendous help. Thank you, a thousand times, thank you!


Thank you for uploading the lyrics and information about the song, when I heard it I was so touched. I kept reversing it to get the words and some of them lead me to your site. Thank you.

tony sheng

Kendall was a worship leader at the conference that me and my high school team served at this summer in Hungary. Just like her writing, she is authentic, deep and emotive when leading worship live.


I totally agree, Greys does have a lot of great music!


Thanks! I recently finished watching episode 4, season 4 and strait after search parts of the lyrics searching for the song you've identified for us.

God bless your soul!


I also love the music on Grey's and suggest using the following website for tracking down the music. I went to the site this morning and had the song in less than 5 minutes. . .


It would help if I gave the link: http://www.greysanatomyinsider.com/


Thanx a lo... I've just watched it and this song really is great!

Greetins from Switzerland



Great site... Direct download links to all songs appearing in all the episodes ;o)

Greetungs from Switzerland


Wow! I'm blown away by how many people found me. Welcome everyone! Thanks for stopping by.

Tony -- that is so cool!! I wandered around her website for a while and was impressed with what I saw and read but it's good to have my "intuition" backed up by someone's experiences. I really love her music and I think I'm going to go ahead and do the "complete my album" on iTunes to get the whole thing. So far all the lyrics I've read of the songs speak to either something I've already gone through and learned, or to something I'm going through now. I love it when that happens. :)

Everyone, while it's nice to have links and all, please DO visit Kendall's website. She has a guestbook you can sign and let her know how much her song touched your heart. Go. Now. Give her some encouragement! :)


My personal favorite of Kendall's is Scratch...Also used on Grey's!!


I too heard this song on Grey's and am so excited that I'm not the only one who loved it! :) I love how God works!

Becki Barrett

I am a pastor and working on my sermon for tomorrow. During my break I watched Grey's and ended up on your website listening to Kendall and reading your Blog. I am impressed by your perseverance, perspective and gifts!


Like everyone else I heard these lyrics on Grey's Anatomy and like so many times before I googled them to find the music that I MUST have -- these songs have become the sountrack of my life -- this one brings particular comfort. thank you for posting it


This is amazing - I just finished watching the episode and your site/blog was a Godsend...Great song - thanks for noting it for all of us! Peace and Love be with you in God :-)


I too, heard this phenomanally amazing song on Grey's Anatomy and as soon as it was over had to run to the computer and hear it again. Few days late, gotta love that DVR!!! Anyway....
thank you for being the one to get the info we all so desperatly desire outthere!!!!
Thank you to Kendall Payne for her beautiful mind and outstanding words.
God Bless


hey there. i too loved the song. i read your post, and figured that this might be helpful.. http://greysharmony.blogspot.com/
the music list's updated, and it also offers free downloads of the songs ü


I just watched this episode and immediately tried finding it. Luckily, it took me to your page =]


Thank you for posting the lyrics. I'm making a "Surrender" CD for the girls at work (as in "giving it up to God's will", not "giving up"), and this song is definitely going to be on it.
Also, if you don't know about this poet already, look up Brian Andreas. His work is available through Storypeople, and I'll tell you, his work is as pure as this. Poignant, sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, always heartfelt and true. If this song touched you, Brian's work might also. Enjoy!

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