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September 30, 2007


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Emily Hunter McGowin

I'm very sorry for your sun-burn, my crustaceous friend. I hope you have access to aloe vera gel or something of the sort. It does a good job on burned skin, although I'm not sure it does much for bruised egos. Every time I get a sunburn, I think the embarrassment is worse than the burn itself! I am not in your shoes this time, but I sympathize with your experience.




Yeah, Los!!! That's exactly what I said. But its much better now. Now I'm just a big flake. ;)

Emily, that's that sad thing. I was all out of Aloe Vera. But I discovered a really cool new home remedy from my friend KatRose. She brewed up some tea, then iced it for a bit and soaked a washcloth in it and put that on my burn. Something in the tea actually takes the sting out of the burn. It's wild and weird, but it really works. Really soothed my burn those first few nights.

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