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August 13, 2007


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Hear, hear! Now yer cookin' with gas!

Sin-entangled. Dead. Down in the hole we can't see out of. We all accept that as normal, and of course our enemy wants that state to continue.

But we were made for eternity, and made to "walk with God in the cool of the day." Somehow the Holy Spirit lives within me, and slavery mind control is the farthest thing from His mind.

It's interesting to me how people can use all the words and still miss the meaning; it seems to take years and a lot of experience before we evenn touch on the glimmer of an idea that...

Christianity is different. Every other religion is bootstrap, do it yourself, will power. They trim the mountains to fit. God leaves the mountains their true size--impossible--but gives us everything we need to climb, including the will. All I have to do is want to keep going. One hint, the ghost of motion, and the Holy Spirit gets behind and pushes.

But even that isn't the whole truth. The whole truth is... relationship. Walking in the Garden.


>>>It's interesting to me how people can use all the words and still miss the meaning<<<

Oh yeah! I'm nothing if not obtuse. :) I think we just become so familiar with the words and phrases that we forget what they mean; if we ever really knew at all. For me I think growing up in the church, hearing all the phrases and such ultimately worked against me. I heard them so much I thought I understood. But I really didn't. 35+ years later I'm FINALLY comprehending.

Debbie Kaufman

But the truth is, once we are followers of Jesus nothing, nothing can separate us from Him. Nothing. Not even our sin.

Like I said Lu, you get it. This piece was worth the wait. Good post.


The thing is that we have all these zillions of people singing "Nothing can separate me from the love of God" and then, even before the song is over, worrying about God's acceptance of them. I wish there were a way to make this apparent to everyone in a way that would save them 30-odd years of stumbling around in the dark, but perhaps that experience is what helps put real life into the words.

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