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August 10, 2007


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Debbie Kaufman

This is excellent Lu. I too was brought up the same way and I was just one worn out and frustrated Christian. Then I began to read scripture for myself beginning in Genesis and moving to Revelation that began to change my thinking. By God's divine intervention my husband and I moved to another state and found Emmanuel Baptist in the phone book of all places, after several years of good solid teaching, I have shed those chains. Thank you for being so open Lu. More people need this message. And from a woman too. :)


This was wonderful. I needed to read it this morning. Thank you.


Ain't it amazing?

Jesus gives us bread, and we turn it into rocks.

We come into Christianity with all these burdens that are lost at the door... and then replaced. The new ones are even heavier because they are morally mandated.

Love isn't helped by a backpack full of anvils.

"if we were to look closely at it we would see our own name ... carved into the wood and covered in blood, forever marking our redemption.[/i]"

Wow. Once for all... and into eternity. God's lightning eyes turn toward me... and see Jesus.

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