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August 23, 2007


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Debbie Kaufman

A big congratulations Lu. Do they know your color of crayon is green? :)


LOL!! Thanks! And I'm YELLOW thank you very much. Not that you care... you think yellow is for sissies... :)

PS -- everyone else, check out Debbie's blog post, "What Color Are You?" That should clear up any confusion about Debbie's and my little "spat."

Debbie Kaufman


Joe Kennedy

I had a professor who once told us not to ever utter the words, "that's not fair" in his class again. His reasoning was that we can't define fair. What's fair to me isn't always fair to you. It's always subjective.

"Justice" is a word that gains a lot of meaning from "fair." So... I like justice, but... good luck with that.

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