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August 23, 2007


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Never thought you were weird - just a very good friend.
You were just jealous that you were not in the ENTP crazy group. You did have a tendency to click mirrors when you drove on the right side. Glad to see you are doing great.

Dave & Karla


Interesting. I never thought about the Myers-Briggs tracking a person's changes.

I have some problems with this at the moment. Do I want to be what God wants me to be? If I let him change me, is that purely brainwashing? It's an amazingly sensitive and twitchy thing for me, as I've had to hold so firmly to myself for all these years against all the attackers. God has the advantage of me. On my good days I know that his desire is beneficent, that if he wanted me to be a sheep in the army he could very easily accomlish that.

Thanks for writing about your changes.


Dave -- oh my goodness!!! Soooo good to see you here. Give my love to Karla. Ya'll are AWESOME. ---But nooooo, I don't think I'm jealous of you crazy ENTPs. Ya'll are wild.

Larry -- Don't think about as God radically altering you or changing you into something you don't want to be. He's already changed your spiritual DNA the moment you committed your life to Him and He created you -- everything about you, including your personality and strengths -- just as He wanted you to be when He formed you in your mother's womb. Finally, He would never do something that you don't want done. That's just not His nature. But then, you already experienced that part. What He wants is to mature you into who you already are. If that makes sense. It's like taking a baby and maturing him into a 5 year-old, and then into a 10 year-old, and then into an adult. Sure, there is disciplines that must be learned and bad habits or thought patterns that need to jettisoned but all of that is like stripping paint off an old piece of furniture so it can be restored to its true glory. That's what God wants to do. It's a maturing of who you already are, not a changing of who you are altogether.

Does that make sense?

Granted, if you are really comfortable with that old chipping layer of paint it would be scary to have someone come at you with sandpaper. -- Thankfully God's hands don't feel like that! -- And that's where the trust comes in.... you like how I'm weaving all my posts back into each other in this comment? :) ...at some point you'll have to trust Him that He doesn't want to make you into someone else. And I think that may only come when you're so sick of living like you are that you're willing to do anything to live differently. Kinda like an addict hitting rock bottom...

Make sense?


Yes, Lu, you do make sense... you drama queen, you.

Intellectually, rationally, I know you're right. There are many examples of proof that God isn't interested in levelling the property and rebuilding to suit modern taste. My emotions lag way behind my intellect, however; God touches these things with the lightest feather touch and it feels like a jackhammer to me... and I just put my head down and bolt. Automatic self-protection.

So, he'll wait until I'm too tired to move, and then level the place. The situation isn't helped by how I started in desperation. Well, desperation had its place but now we seem to be going over some of those older decisions and working on changing them from the desperate cry of "Save me before I fall" to "I'll give you permission to change this." Or something. Like we're sitting down at the table, face to face, discussing what needs to be done, and God actually listens to me. Naturally, this is very hard for me to believe.

I followed the link, and according to it I'm INFP. The I part is no surprise; I'm 100% on that. The other scales were less extreme, and I could easily have been INFJ as the split is 42/58. As I read the descriptions the INFJ fit better than INFP in some areas. I believe I came out as INFP when I took the full MBTI in 1981 but I don't have the papers here.

The question is: am I truly INFP? Or is that the result of a lifetime's iron-handed training in self-defensive behavior? In the world of Uru, the on-line game, I'm one of the best-known... party organizers and DJs. Kind of an odd position for an introvert...

And then you and I are both INFP at the moment. You're far more outgoing than I, although you do have the homebody tendency at times. Maybe that's what you get when you're a red-haired INFP. :)


A correction: I misread the chart. I'm pretty solidly in the P camp (89%). It's the thinking/feeling continuum where I'm nearer the middle, with 58% F. I still resonate with the INFJ description.


MBTI is a good tool. At work we've been doing "Now Discover Your Strengths" - a book that (used to, at least) include a special code to take an online assessment. The concept is that businesses (and maybe Christians?) for years have been concentrating on finding people's weaknesses and trying to bring those areas up to good/competent/at least not horrible. And, per the authors, that's all wrong. You want to use the things that people do best and spend time/effort/money on making those aspects better. Why strive to be fair in an area where the same amount of effort could make someone excellent in an area where they were already strong?

OK, I know that's missing a bit the point of Truefaced and a lot of what Manning writes about, but the concept meshes somewhat - maybe God isn't so hung up on what you struggle with (He knows that you would - that knit in my mother's womb thing) but is more saddened when you spend time trying to win small battles in a war He's already won for us!

At any rate, back to NDYS - there are about 50 strenghts that have been identified and it was an amazing relevation that there was a name for what I enjoy so much (and apparently do well). And it goes a long way in understanding why some others don't get the same kick out of doing some of the things that come so easy to me (and vice versa, of course). NDYS is a good read - even if not theologically based and makes a good compliment (not replacement) for MTBI...

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