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July 17, 2007


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Alyce Lee

I happened over after noteing your comments on another blog. You said Mosaic in LA. Did you go there? I love McMannes' book the Barbarian Way.
Agape, Alyce

Emily Hunter McGowin

I don't think you're a stalker. No men in white jackets needed (yet). I would be honored that an old friend took the time to look me up. You don't have to say exactly how much google digging you did to find her. :) I say email her. What's the worst that could happen?

Still enjoying your blog,



That's the problem with our culture: certain words take on meanings far beyond what they should have. You're not stalking anyone. You just want to find out, using commonly available tools, what she's up to. Would she be glad to hear from you? Beats me. Only one way to find out.


Alycelee -- thanks for reading! Yes, I went to Mosaic LA -- for over 10 years, actually. When it was still known as Church on Brady.

Yeah, Erwin is a great author and speaker. I used to attend all three services (or four when we had them) so I could soak up all the God-stuff in his teaching. Actually, I usually served on the sound team for two of the services and then just attended the third. :)

Emily -- Thanks for the encouragement. Maybe I will email her again and mention it. The worst that could happen is for her to laugh at me; she did that often enough when we lived together... I guess that means I'm entertaining... or just plain weird. :)

Larry -- good to hear from you again, man. I was getting worried about you. And yeah, I supposed "stalking" is too strong a word. Now, if I flew to Asia and just watched her from a distance, that might qualify. But frankly, I can't afford the airline ticket. And if I could, I sure wouldn't just watch her from a distance!


I had a similar awkward experience a few years ago - I met a guy through mutual friends and we went out a bit... but I was curious about how old he was. Had an unusual name, so it was only a few minute's work to find him listed in one of those whitepages-type things that told me how old he was (a decade older than me - not so old as it would rule things out but enough so it would make a difference.) But then, what? I felt so bad I had looked him up instead of just asking!


Marti - I KNOW!!! Isn't that just the worst? It's kinda like peeking at your Christmas presents and ruining the surprise of Christmas morning. You can't stand to not know, but once you know it almost feels like Christmas is ruined...

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