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July 26, 2007


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"Why can't I be this obsessed with Jesus? Why aren't I this obsessed with Him? He has been more to me, given me so much more than J.K. Rowling and all her characters ever could."

Good question.

I think part of the answer is that Jesus is Himself, always ready to surprise us. Harry Potter will never change; his world is exactly and only what has been presented and will forever remain out there.

Jesus is radically inside our worlds. Getting close to him of an evening, as John was wont to do, means something is going to change. Even if it's just the belief that God isn't close to us...


Hi Lu... I finished HP on Tuesday. As I wrote about on my blog too I have been thinking about obsession, wondering why we respond to things the way we do - like, why was I late to morning prayer at work =again= but got all caught up this morning on my New York Times crossword puzzles? And usually it's the compulsion to read my email at home which makes me late to work. Which is more important? Sometimes it's the forbidden-fruit aspect, turning to one's obsession when there is something else you know you are supposed to be doing. But you =are= victorious sometimes, even if you are powerless others! Good for you for finishing your homework. Today I =must= read the mid-trip report a research team sent me. Why do I prefer spider solitaire?

Well, the Bible is quite a book, too, even as - as Larry points out - it messes up our lives by asking something =of= us unlike Harry Potter. If you think about it I think you'll discover that while you may not have the abiding passion for Jesus you would like, that it has come and gone, just as that 'life verse' grabs hold of you now. I few months back I discovered the character of Hezekiah and couldn't get enough of him. What would it be like to be king with the prophet Isaiah as your friend and mentor? Because that appears to have been the case. Doing things to put ourselves in the position where we =can= be captivated by the Spirit or the Word really helps keep the love alive, but emotions and obsessions have a way of coming and going, even when they concern such important things...

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