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June 07, 2007


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Joe Kennedy

You? I think you should replace her.

If you could stomach the ridiculousness. I couldn't, so I stopped reading the majority of the SBC blogs. Oooh, was that snarky?


HA! Yeah, it was. But those are EXACTLY what I was talkin' about so it's okay.


Hmm... Let's see here... Brittney wrote:

"That voice is irreverent, brash, sarcastic and opinionated. I was asked to highlight other bloggers in the Nashville area and to praise them, debate them, engage them, just the same as you would on any blog."

Seems to me that she took the first step down the path to meanness, and her readers joined the parade downhill. Typical of the media. Who will make a stand for more positive things? Christians spend more time backbiting and quibbling over minor dead doctrinal issues than in living God's love. Who will stop the slide?

Brittney ran her sharp stick into the hornets' nest and then complained about being stung. Granted, others didn't need to help keep things stirred up but big-time media voices have power granted to them by sheepish listeners. Role models. The whole pack of them has taken the easy way. Who will turn around and start climbing?


I have NO idea what you're talking about, but I'm sad about your pain. There are lots of times that human beings STINK (Just finished Frank Peretti's "The Oath" for the 2nd time). Most of the time, in fact. Yet He loves us anyway - and commands us to do the same - go figure!



No she did't. There's a big, BIG difference between debating, challenging, being irreverent and being mean. Brittney never crossed the line into meanness. That's why the attacks on her were so frustrating for us all. She may have been frustratingly subborn and left-wing, but never, ever mean. These dogs attacked and ripped her up just because they felt they could, not because she led them down some path. Most of them, in fact, are not regulars in our community. Most do not have a blog, and had never bothered with NiT before the post in question. They came out because someone else alerted them to the post in question and for no other reason.


Don't worry about not having any idea. It's a mostly local thing... and the pain was only momentary. More frustration than anything. Yeah, human beings sometimes stink... but I think this brand of stink can only exist because of the anonymity the Internet can provide. When you have to say things like that to a person's face, we humans are much more apt to grumble under our breath than speak such hate out in the open. Then again, not always....

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