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May 15, 2007


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Yeow. Three migraines in two days is horrible. I've had "repeaters" but nothing like as bad as what you describe.

Trigger factors for me include chocolate (once I cut this out, migraine frequency went way down), stress, weather changes (from cool foggy spring to dry hot summer, usually), stress (usually on the "trailing edge:" I get wound up, and then release, and the migraine comes with the release). There are many known trigger factors, and the more of them you collect in a certain period the more likely you are to have a migraine.

Cheese is a well-known tigger factor. Not for me, though.

It could be you have a few low-level triggers going on right now that individually are are to see. Perhaps the frustration you've been feeling is one. The difference between what we think God expects and what God really expects can produce a great deal of tension... at least in me. The spirit is called toward home, the body is called toward bed and the mind is called toward lofty things that look good to everyone else. It's amazing we survive.


Check out the book "Heal Your Headache" by David Buchholz. As you age and your body changes all manner of things can create the pain you feel. This book is given as a reference by my migraine specializing physician Kurt Hagenau.


Queen O' Migraines here. Remember the two month long one I had back in '95? ::shuddering::

My best guess would be stress. You are, after all, working a full time job, going to school and trying to have some kind of social life.

You might also want to look at environmental factors. If you're getting headaches at the same time in the same location (i.e. office), it might be some chemical that's being used to clean or disinfect. Or it could be that someone in the office is using a cologne or lotion that your body doesn't like. One of the ladies in a cubical near mine liked to use a very fruity and potent lotion. Every time she's open the bottle and spread it on, I'd get migraine hell. I told her what was happening to me and bought her a bottle of lotion that didn't make my allergies act up. She was grateful and I was pain-free.


Stress?? What stress?! I don't have no stinking stress!

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