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May 15, 2007


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Katherine Coble

I want to be a Mother Theresa.

Are you sure about that?



I'm sorry, Sistah Luyah, but the Mother Teresa spot has been taken. You'll just have to settle for being... Lu.

Hit the trail, sister. It's your life. Hold onto Jesus and walk, your way. You'll get there. Somewhere. His radiant face smiles at you.

I do know what you mean. You want your life to matter. You already matter to God and the rest will come with time as you and He work out your salvation... together.


Kat - interesting stuff you wrote about... I can't say I want to be THE Mother Teresa, even before reading that. I was thinking more about the contrast between Falwell and Teresa than I was about following in every little footprint of the Reverend Mother. Being A Mother Teresa type, the image I have in my head, is what I was thinking.

But ultimately Larry is right. I can't even be that "MT type", I have to settle for be ME, the best Me I can and constantly working on becoming the Me God dreams for me to be.

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