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May 17, 2007


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This gave me a laugh. I feel about "snuck" as you do about "sneaked." So, one day a few years ago I looked it up and discovered that both are acceptable in U.S. usage. I still use sneaked.

What I find more problematic than "snuck" is the fast-growing inability to form possessives. Sometimes there are so many misuses of "it's" that I lose the writer's thread of thought and have to re-read it. There's a big problem with "you're" and "your," too. Schools evidently don't teach much of this, and people have come to depend upon spelling checkers that need to include logic checkers too. Can you spell "homonym?" I thought so.


HA! Uh...no. I can't spell homa---wha?? Actually, that should just be "I can't spell." Period.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that when I spell-checked this post, Typepad rejected "snuck" every time in favor of "sneaked". Betrayed by my own blog! That's just wrong.

Add to the confusion all the new im-text-chat lingo that's out there and our language gets muddied up very quickly. Why bother to learn the difference between you're and your when it's easier to type ur and be done with it? The teachers are fighting an uphill battle.


A little self-doubt and humility can be a handy antidote in these situations. It's good to look these things up!

After our ministry opened an office in England and we started doing work there I had to come to terms with 'amongst.' It's strictly forbidden in American English - use among or amid or amidst freely, but never amongst. Yet it is standard English in the UK.

I also had deeply engrained one set of 'style' rules that I had to accept were not universal when I sold a manuscript to an outside publisher. 'Authentic' uses the Chicago Manual of Style... and spells out numbers up to 100, and drops the Oxford comma (the comma after the penultimate item in a list). Ah, there sometimes IS more than one right answer.

Have you ever read Simon Winchester's 'The Professor and the Madman'? I think you'd like it. About the making of the Oxford English Dictionary.


Maybe I will have you proof read my junk.


I read this then sneaked around a corner to laugh hysterically and then snuck back into the open to hang my head in shame along with your. You, the Queen of Words, flayed by her own subject matter. And me, the Lady-in-Waiting of Words, realizing that while I'm probably as arrogant as you in this regard, I, at least, knew sneaked was valid (though I do tend to use snuck more often). ::snickering::

God love us both, Lu, cuz I think there are lots of our victims who are just now sitting back and thinking, "Yep, karma's a b*tch." LOL Oh, well. Lesson learned. Keep the dictionary closer than the ego. ;-)


Kat - ROFLMAO!!!! Especially "keep the dictionary closer than the ego." Dang, that's harsh. :)


Hey Lu, where are you?

Eager to see what's going on in your head. It's June!

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