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April 08, 2007


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Well, of course you don't deserve Jesus' love. If you could deserve it you'd lose it when something went wrong.

None of us deserves love, or earns it. Anything earned can be taken away or lost. Thieves break in and steal... Jesus' love can't be stolen, lost, earned, deserved or taken away. He is a gift, in a way our culture just doesn't get. Purely a gift. Pick Him up, or leave Him at the roadside. No recrimination.

I'm glad you're letting Jesus love you.


Yes, but everything in me screams that I have to earn everything I'm given; if I don't earn it, I won't get it. And if it's given to me, then there must be a catch somewhere. Either it's a trick, or Jesus doesn't realize what He's doing. In any case, at some point the love is going to be taken away. It cannot be for me, anyway. That's what everything in me says.

It's hard to break a paradigm I've had for over 40 years.


Oh, I understand that paradigm. I also have a hard time believing that God won't abandon me at some point. It's a lesson that has been hammered into me so well that any time someone is nice to me I immediately look for the catch.

Maybe it's because I'm convinced I'm worthless anyway, but getting over the idea of earning God's love hasn't been impossible. Maybe it's because God had to start from scratch because I really had no real concept of what love is. And maybe it's because I saw myself standing with my toes hanging over the edge of the big drop. Anyway, it's trust God's love or die.

Our culture is big on the debt incurred by receiving a gift. "It's better to give than to receive." To my mind if something is a gift, it's a gift. No debt implied. Few would agree with me, however.

But all you have to do is look around and see how well the current methods work to realize we need ideas radically different Jesus' idea is radically different: Give himself for us, pure gift, purely so that we can become friends of God. What grows from that friendship? Life.. .and who knows where that leads.

I know that learning not to beat yourself up is hard. You can do it with the Holy Spirit guiding you.


Lulubelle, let me ask you something. What did you do to "earn" my love and respect? What did you do "deserve" my love and respect? (To the other readers, please know I'm not trying to say I'm like Jesus, just asking Lu a question that, hopefully, will resonate in her heart.)

I'd hazard a guess that you can't think of anything you've done to earn or deserve me in your life (Now STOP that laughing, Lu. This isn't supposed to be funny. :-D You DO deserve me and not because I task you. ;-) ) So, if you can accept that I'm your friend and I love you without reservation, it shouldn't be too big a leap that a guy who died to save the souls of the world could love you just as easily.

I know that I've done some darn rotten things in my life, hurt people I shouldn't have, said things that left indelible marks on other people's hearts, etc. Yet I don't worry that God doesn't love me and accept me, warts and all. Maybe it's because I didn't grow up a preacher's kid or maybe it's because I don't worship in a group that, at times, appears hypercritical of each other and hypocritical in their actions, so I don't compare myself to how others fit into the Almighty's scheme of things. All I know is that God's love never waivers. God's love is eternal and everlasting and there even when we don't feel it.

Jesus loves you, not because you're a good Christian, Lu. He loves you because you're you. Warts and all, He loves you. Bad moods, bad hair, bad breath, good heart, cute toes and happy smile; He loves it all. Nothing you do or say will change that.

I think I know why you're so sensitive to accepting the gift of His love: you have a hard time believing that anyone could love you given your family history. Heck, I have the same problem with human love. LOL

Just remember that *I* love you and don't hold that love up to any standard or requirement. So accepting Jesus' love should be a piece of cake. Right? LOL

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