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February 23, 2007


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Long story short: After a six-week leave of absence, I returned to my job to find I would have to work there for another whole year before I would be eligible for health insurance again. Cobra was over $900 a month, which I obviously could not afford as a recently graduated yet career-less college student. I applied for private insurance through BCBS but was turned down because of a pre-existing condition, but I needed insurance to make sure this pre-existing conditition didn't come back and kill me. I applied for TennCare, thinking I was a perfect applicant--I was uninsurable by my employer and had been denied by private insurance. After being turned down by TennCare with no explanation, I wrangled an appointment with a case worker who finally told me the reason I was denied TennCare was because I was white and had no kids. Seriously, that's what she said. I ended up having to leave my job of 6 years and find another that would give me insurance starting day one.


Holy crap. That sucks.

Thanks for sharing your story with me.

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