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January 05, 2007


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joe kennedy

in most places i've lived, you can shoot fireworks anywhere outside of the city limits. but people do it inside too. then i moved to new orleans. this was my first new years in nola. i wanted at least one before i graduated (although there was always next year... the previous 2 i've been in nashville for passion). anyway it was insane here. i'm so used to the gunshots... i kept saying, "so this is what it's like in a war zone." kinda creepy, but also really neat. one more thing i've crossed off my new orleans list.

glad you're back. sad you're sick. later.


Thanks, Joe! Good to hear you had a good holiday, even though it was rather insane ---- hey, how 'cum you didn't go to Passion this year?

joe kennedy

1. it was in atlanta, and i'm SOOOO tired of going to atlanta.
2. it was going to be bigger, and that's great... but after 2 years... well that leads me to number...
3. i never got to go in undergrad, when it would have benefited me best. then, in seminary, i went two years in a row. i made the decision last year that i had kind of grown past the big party feeling, and i'd really only go if i could be a volunteer, or if i led a group up there. two years of going by myself (although i did stay with and go with a few friends my second year) was enough. this year our church really pushed InterVarsity's Urbana 06 at the end of December, which i signed up for, but bailed on because it cost more than Passion and was much further away- and it still would have just been basically me.

anyway, i love louie and passion, and the david crowder band has influenced me in ways they'll never possibly know (they were the camp band playing the week i became a christian in 1999). but when it comes down to it, i started to feel like i was the only one there by himself- alone in a sea of "the church". and i decided that i'd only go back if i could volunteer (almost all individuals or groups, but everybody has to work together) or if i took a group.

bet you weren't looking for such a long answer to such a simple question. =)

joe kennedy

whoa, how'd you get all famous getting mentioned by a local news blog. neato.


Oh, that little thing? I hardly noticed. ;)

Actually, I've been mentioned by NiT and its sister, Volunteer Voters, quite a few times... and I never know what's going to pique Brittney's (NiT's moderator) interest. I was rather surprised a post about my snotfest actually made the cut, but, well, there you are. Nifty, yes?

joe kennedy

Terrifying. Here I just pretended it was just you and me around here (with your folks back home coming around every once in a while). I should be more thoughtful about what I say now. Gosh. Stupid Internet.

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