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December 18, 2006


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joe kennedy

look, don't knock the bean bag pillow until you've tried it. i had four of these pillow-type things that were filled with something... surrounded by some silky smooth fabric... pre-katrina. then the monster ate them. how i miss my silky smooth bean bag pillows. they were my friends.

okay, i haven't slept yet. been up since 3:30 (really i never actually got to sleep, but i tried). went to the quarter. took some pics at 7. foggy. neat pics. on my flickr (just go to my blog and look at the top if you're curious- they're in the new orleans set). now i'm going to go rest. goodbye sweet lu.


It's my turn to be up obnoxiously late on a school night -- and it IS still a school night for me. I have an exam tomorrow night!

Dude, sounds like you got my pillow. You pretty much described what's now sitting in the back seat of my car, still in the plastic storage bag it came in. -----Eeewww...! I hope they didn't find your pillows, clean them up and re-gift them to us.

Just kidding! I doubt you had THAT many pillows.

Yeah, I better get back to beating myself in the face...

Katherine Coble

I think you're saying two different things here. Which is why it gripes me that so many companies handle their bonus structure resolution at Christmas.

Yes, Christmas should be about Christ and not material things. (In fact, that should be how our whole lives work.)

But when you've worked hard for a company that is making money--due in no small part to your efforts--it's galling to have an insulting "gift" take the place of money you've earned. I could be wrong here, but I don't think that it's Christian to ask your employees to go above and beyond the call of duty and then keep all the profits for yourself while refusing to share any of the largesse with the people who helped you earn it.

At my last full-time job I was actually doing the work of the manager above me in addition to my own duties. She left in June, and I was stuck with the majority of her work from June until the following January. My Christmas gift that year was a santa hat and a sweatshirt with the company logo over the breast. I didn't get a bonus at all. The company had NET PROFITS of 11 million dollars. I tried really hard to tell myself that Christmas "wasn't about the money" etc. Then I realised that just because bonus time falls at Christmas time doesn't excuse a company from honouring their committments to their workers.

Then again, as you can tell I've got a personal stake in all this and perhaps I'm not looking at it correctly.

I AM glad that you got your bonus, though.

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