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November 19, 2006


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Well, that's an interesting exercise, but... random? I think you can do better than that, Lu. Tell us the songs that really touch you.

Granted, anything in your library probably has some meaning. Which of them, though, raise the strong resonances in your heart?

My library has 14,000 songs. It'd take a while to shuffle. :)


Opening Credits: Return to Pooh Corner, Kenny Loggins

Waking Up: Forth Eorlingas, Howard Shore
First Day At School: Borderline, Madonna
Falling In Love: Entranced, John Adorney
Fight Song: The Wrong Side of Memphis, Trisha Yearwood
Breaking Up: Leonardo, Mannheim Steamroller
Prom: Good Enough, Evanescence
Mental Breakdown: An Ocean of Memories, James Horner
Driving: Jenny Returns, Alan Silvestri
Flashback: What if We Went to Italy, Mary Chapin Carpenter
Getting Back Together: Homeland, Kenny G
Wedding: The Last Battle, John Williams
Birth of Child: Valentine, Martina McBride
Final Battle: Rollin’, Garth Brooks
Death Scene: On Your Mind, Patient Saints
Funeral Song: Baby Baby, Amy Grant
End Credits: Torn, LeToya

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