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November 20, 2006


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Joe Kennedy

very cool. i'm kind of obsessed with studio 60.


nice. i don't watch heroes but i'm happy for natalie. never knew her very well but i got to know mike while recording a song for mosaic's first CD. mosaic used his studio :) cool guy!

how are you?

hugs, hugs and hugs.


that's so cool.. i wish i knew famous people... guess that's what happens when you're connected to LA. I've heard excellent things about Heroes.


Niiiizzzzaaaa!!!! Oh how I miss you! You have got to come to Nashville for a visit.


I grew up with mike chaidez and we were close from after high school. i remember when he met natalie and how she went from ucla to fame. it's been about 10 years since i saw mike. I have been traveling around the country back and forth since and now live in seattle. nice to see both of them doing well.

love, gary

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