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October 18, 2006


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This is really one of the best things I've read all week. Thank you.


Nicely said.


Thanks for the post is was a great read! wished everyone had a similar view.


Not sure why you are voting or what it would nullify...I'm not into TN politics. We often have wet-dry votes around my parts that are redundant, but we have to keep voting to keep the majority opinion expressed as the majority opinion.

I agree that Christianity is greatly to blame for not healing people and demonstrating what marriage should be. We are to blame.

Yet, we are also to stay politically active in the process of preserving the institution that God made which is supposed to most closely mimic his relationship with us.

Good thoughts to mull.



I don't live in TN but it is one of my favorite places to visit.

Thank goodness for wonderful, thoughtful, and intelligent people like you. It gives me hope that we can indeed overcome all the hate speech that continues to divide us to instead mend these wounds with love and understanding. I absolutely agree that there is nothing of God's love in those that would judge themselves to be better than others.

Your spiritual sister in Florida sends you heartfelt thanks for your candor and honesty.

God bless!


Very well written. So glad I stopped by.

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