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October 18, 2006


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There's no Pharisee like the internal Pharisee. Makes all those fire--and-brimstone preachers sound like canaries chirping in the morning.

I got me one, sister, who'd just as soon see the whole damned bunch of me go over the cliff as live again. He's very familiar with flame-throwers, heavy rocks, machetes. More subtle things, too. Like waiting for just the right moment to cut something new down.

But, I tell ya, sis. That sumbitch has done met his match. He can't outmaneuver the God of the Universe, and he also can't out-wait God. God reclaims any territory that Pharisee leaves unguarded, and then doesn't ever give it up no matter how tiny it is.

Paul was right. We live in an internal war zone. Outward Pharisees have an easier time of it. This is one war that lasts, I think, the rest of my life. God is on the side of life, I'm on the side of calling the whole thing off. "Can we go back to slavery in Egypt, now?"

But I'm getting the measure of this. It's amazing. A miracle, really. I'm beginning to learn the Pharisee's tricks, and I invite God to help me defeat them. Of course, defeating the Pharisee means going on, following God, and that's no easy thing in itself. If not for Jesus I wouldn't even be fighting. I'd just be drifting along in the grip of internal judgment.

If you've been reading my Blog recently you'll know that I'm in the middle of an entirely new kind of thing. The Pharisee/Junkyard Dog has been having a field day but God is winning this one also.

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