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September 18, 2006


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joe kennedy

Well if it helps, I yelled at my roommate and to this moment still think he's incapable of handling any form of responsibility as a roommate or as a human being.

So sometimes guys have those days too.


That does help. I don't feel so completely weird now.

Thank you!


Oh, yes, men definitely have their days. They can just get away with it more easily because men are supposed to be tough and snarky. Women are supposed to be delicate, kind, demure, etc, etc, etc and the lid is to stay on the pot at all times or your risk serious repercussions.

It's not made easier by God's insistence that we be whole people. This requires knowing the feelings. When God touches my tender points you ought to see my Snark-O-Meter (tm) wrap the needle around the pin at the top of the scale.

The good news is that Jesus forgave you for being snarky a long time ago.


Hey sweetie... so glad I wasn't around! :0 Sorry you had that kind of day... you know I have those days... ugh!


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