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September 30, 2006


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Ah, you know I need time alone, Lu. I get really frantic if I can't get away. Three busy weekends in a row would kill me... or I'd be ready to kill someone else. I've spent a lot of time thinking this was bad, and expecting God to use his power to force a change. That hasn't happened. He uses the quiet time to continue rebuilding my soul, wearing down the old shaky parts with his rain of love and showing me what needs to be done.

This is why I go to bed early and listen to music. I listen and talk with God and hope I'm not blindsided by the coming day's needs.


Ah! Now I understand the early-to-bed thing. :)

Still wouldn't work for me --- too much energy yet. You'd think now that I'm getting older, I'd get sleepy earlier. Nope. Still the night owl. Oh, well.

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