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September 25, 2006


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joe kennedy


(Also, it's nice to see a clear photo of you for the first time in a year.)


happy belated birthday to you. what an absolutely beautiful picture of you. i miss you. i'll let you know when we get a place (it'd be nice if we started looking) so you can come visit :)


Thank you both!!

They say confession is good for the soul... so I suppose I should confess that the adult picture of me is actually about 4 and a half years old (taken in the spring of 2002). I'm still pretty uncomfortable with how overweight I have become after two years on anti-depressants. So I cheat and don't use "current" pictures of myself on this blog. Perhaps some day soon I'll be comfortable enough to put a current photo up that isn't "fuzzy".... we'll see (hopefully Weight Watchers will help me get down to a weight I'm comfortable with, but in the meantime...)

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