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July 24, 2006


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What scares me is that converse with God leads to changes. I suspect this is the real problem for many people: not so much the opprobrium attached to those who have invisible friends, but the effect of taking the hand of the God of the Universe and listening as he demolishes one's world with lovingkindness. People end up at the point that balances their own pain with the pain engendered by change... and they park there. As I've done for a while. Once you've heard that voice, really heard it, though, there's nothing else in the world.


I don't know how I missed this post, must of been during the wedding week....but sooo glad I found it and YES so much of what you said rang/rings true...not that I hear His voice but am learning to trust the imagery that I am sure is from Him.....I pray to be able to hear Him....
Barbarian Way was the book that jarred me hard into thinking ERM empowered his son to hear God's voice at 10 when he was at camp....I loved that story and can still tear up at thinking about that.....so much of that book just awed me. My daughter went out and did an internship w/Mosaic and recently moved there and is gearing up to go to S Africa for a trip w/ Mosaic.....so Yes all that you say I love hearing......and look forward to hearing and reading more...thanks becky


BTW you and Larry really inspire me!

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