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April 13, 2006


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Joe Kennedy

Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids.


But... "optimalize" sounds so IMPORTANT! Optimize is simple and bare, in comparison. You can't impress the missions conference, nor the appropriations committee, with simple words. Excessive complexity is au courant, don't you see. You know it's half a pound of baloney, and they know it's half a pound of baloney, but if you dress it up everyone can be comfortable in the idea that it's ten pounds of porterhouse.

I'd rather have four ounces of the real thing. Who are you going to believe? A Pharisee, all gussied up in phylactery and clean robes, or Jesus, whose robes are, um, a bit worn?


Oh, Lu. My Walking Thesarus. I miss thee. I also have taken up your book and started bashing people with it when they do wrong. :-)

As you know, I love words too. I can't blame that on you, though I have been tempted a time or two. LOL What I love most is that the correct words can distill the most complex thought into simple terms or take a simple thought and make it sound so much more important. Just think of the gavel. Wasn't that the best use of your words? *eg*

What bugs me the most about the lack of proper English usage is in forums and message boards on the Internet. People - mostly "kids", but not always - just don't see to care what words they use, how they use them or if they even used little things like capital letters, punctuation or a semblance of grammar. No amount of asking people to at least try does any good. All it gets me is snide comments of "this isn't a formal forum" or "u r dum 4 wnting mor we speak ok 4 us." ::rolling eyes and gagging::

So, don't give up your thesarus, unless you're getting a bigger one. :-D


Oh, the gavel!! That made me fall off my chair just thinking about it! Sometimes I really wish I'd bonked him on the head with it! Nothing like a power-hungry idiot to bring out the the bonk-er in me. :)

And never fear. I will never give up my thesaurus. And these days, the internet brings the "book" to me. Oh, you gotta love The Internets!!!! God bless Al Gore for inventing them and George W. for naming them!

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