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April 21, 2006


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Joe Kennedy

1. Good thing- parking lot.
2. The Colonel. Hah!
3. I learned a new word. Irascible.
4. My photoblog is now here.
5. I just needed to get to five.


Cars... A real drag, but necessary. It is good that yours blew up in a parking lot. Did the mechanic say what the failure mode was?

As for a replacement, I'd say start with your mechanic. You already trust him, and I'd bet his customers come to him and tell him they have cars for sale. Buy a well-cared-for used Honda or Toyota. Do you have friends there who can help you with the selection process?

How much you spend depends on how daring you want to be. The older you go the more money you save, but there are potential gotchas. You can get really good deals in this category if you have someone you trust check the car. Note that paying more money doesn't guarantee you a better car. A well-maintained high-mileage car is going to be a better bet than a newer car indifferently maintained. Statistically speaking. You can still get busted.

Highly recommended: go for fuel economy. Gasoline will not be getting cheaper.

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