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April 24, 2006


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THanks for putting it into words....Thanks


Interesting... when God pulls out of town, everything turns grey. Proof enough for me. I'd rather be crazy and hear His voice than be sane the world's way.

Now, about cars, dreams and payments. If you want to go to college, then bag the expensive car. Rent one for a month or two while you research buying from a private party. You'll save money that way, getting a better car. You'll need to find some help with this. Have a friend who knows cars go with you when you test-drive.

Buy an old, well maintained car. You're looking for transportation, not personality. You are NOT what you drive. You are a Child of God, and better that in beat-up Bug than king of the hill in new Acura.

You figure $300 per month is $3600 per year, not including taxes and such. If you buy a $6000 car and it only runs two years, you're ahead of the game. The truth is, though, that a $6K car will run for a lot more than two years. Old cars have lower fees.

My specific recommendation: Find a 1992 Honda Accord. '92 was a very good year for them, and there are zillions out there. A few years either way will still be good, and cheap. I like the Accord more than the Civic because of its creature comforts, but the Civic gets somewhat better gas mileage. Toyotas are probably as good but I don't know them directly.

Seems to me that going to college is more important than a car. Cars are a dime a dozen, but your mind is unique.


whoah! good thoughts lu and larry.

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