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January 07, 2006


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Joe Kennedy

It's gonna be beautiful. I believe.


I agree with Joe. I think the best qualification for leading a small group is loving Jesus. You do.

I've always thought that anyone who whole-heartedly wants to be a leader is probably disqualified by that fact. Your fence-sitting is a good sign, as is your willingness to give it a whirl and se what happens.

Relax. It'll work, or it won't. God still loves you. The key skill to develop is one that's handy for sand sculptors too: failure analysis. Why didn't it work? Interpersonal failures are hard to analyze, but you have the Holy Spirit to help with the process. You have insight into people, too.

If I had to take a wild guess as to what people want in a life group, deep down among other things they don't talk about: they want to hear stories of real dealings with God... so their own weirdness seems less weird. Maybe I'm projecting my own ideas where they don't belong, but if what you've done in the past, when the horse threw you off, doesn't work, throw the rule book away and try something radical. Call things forth from your group members... by example.


I like your blog. I don't find many women's blogs I do like. Thanks for writing.

I agree with Larry on humility being a rather good trait in a leader.

Is it possible that anytime you do anything "deep" with people, you get thrown off. I've ridden, gosh, three horses in my life, and one three me off. So, yes, horses throw people off. But, I kept riding. Why? I have no idea. I guess because I know it comes with risk, and that's part of the draw, somehow.

It does take a part of you every time. I laughed one day talking to the Lord about that feeling. I remember saying, "Lord, I feel so used." As in used and abused.

I know I heard him chuckle and say, "Well, am I mistaken or did you not beg and plead from me to be, 'used'?"

Yeah, well. Hang in there and, just keep walking it out. People benefit from being close to a real life, and take it as that famous childhood story (whose name I can't recall at present) that indicates the abuse--having all your fur rubbed off and your limbs hanging by threads and an eyeball knocked out means but one thing...you were dearly loved.


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