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October 18, 2005


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You want fall? Move to Seattle! We only had six weeks of summer this year. It's fall here about nine months of the year. Spring doesn't exist and winter consists of a few snow sprinkles that turn to slush within hours but still the schools get a "snow day". The headlines should read, "Schools Closed On Account Of Slush".

Love you little one.


In a few weeks you'll be grumbling about winter... (g)

Monday and Tuesday were indeed nuts. Signals in flash, signals dark, wrecked trucks blocking the freeways. And it wasn't even the first rain of the year. It took people only a month to forget all about rain.

I got soaked on my way home from work Monday. Didn't think I'd need a rain jacket... but it did a good job of washing off my bike, and my car is cleaner than it has been in months.


Larry -- I refuse to grumble about winter until at least February. Its too magical still for me up to that point. Somewhere around Feb this year I got sick of the "dead"-looking trees and general gray tint of everything. I was ready for some GREEN. I got my wish a month later. But for now, I'd just take temps NOT in the 80s. We set a new record high temp todeay -- 89. In October?? Only in LA will I tolerate such nonsense.

Vic -- send me a ticket and I'm there!!! I looooove Seattle. God's country, that is. Definitely God country.

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