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October 12, 2005


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MILD control-freak...?

Well, as to the rest, I have to say that from my own personal experience, Mosaic is the exception-not the rule. I have never found the community that you found there.

As for relationships, you are exactly right about them being a garden. It is too much to expect others who have only known you for a couple of months to jump into a major time commitment. It's what God teaches in scripture but it rarely-to never-actually happens that way. When you find those who will, hang on to them with all your might!

Love you!

Larry Nelson

Yes, Mosaic is an exception... but I wonder how much of that has to do with Mosaic, and how much is due to the people themelves. And even Mosaic commmunity exists only for those who are fully "on board;" people who ask questions are dropped like hot rocks, it seems.

It just depends on which people get together. Some "get" community, many don't. While all the organizers are devoting themselves to discussions of which precise word to use, people who really believe in community are out there making it happen.

Kind of discouraging that the folks at People's Church won't/can't help with your move. You don't have that much stuff!

Wendy Cook

Hey Lu!

I am with Larry... about how much of that has to do with Mosaic... and how much of it has to do with people themselves. While I have had great community at Mosaic/Brady.. all the years I went there and even now not going there... I know there were people who went there while I did that didn't. I also believe community is about us...

I had the same fears about my move... and I am around dozens of people I have known for years... I am at a different season of life... my friends are all older and have huge committments to other things besides just hanging out with me! :0 Family, work, ministry, outside interests... etc.

Also being in another season of life... when we are in new situations with people that are new friends... how do we start living life together? It's not the same process it was when we were 20... people have more issues in their lives... as we do... how we make friends is going to be different... and I think a more involved process...

I still come back constantly to my committment... my investment. You get 20% return on your investments! Most people don't invest the way you do... they don't have the same high standard (commitment, investment into) of friendship, relationship... When you find someone who is like you Lou... I agree with your sis... hang on to them good... because they just don't come around too often! :)


Hey little sister,
I know how it is to be moving without help. It SUCKS big time. I'm sure you'll let us all know where you are when you get there and I know you know that all of us out here on the west coast are praying for you.

Nina sent pictures of your big FOUR O celebration at Disney World. You looked very happy. I pray, inside, the happiness is there too. A sweet, sweet woman like you should have the best. I pray that for you and I know that will come.

I still have frequent memories (just yesterday) of the days I walked you back and forth across the living room trying to get you to stop crying, fed you bottles and, yes, changed your diapers. Those were just the beginning of our special days together.

Love you little one.

Your big (and only) brother.


First of all, hello. We haven't spoken in some time. How was your birthday?
Secondly, I agree. It is completely frustrating when you cannot find people to help. I do not agree with basing help on how well people know you, but I'm sure that may be what some do. I know I feel uncomfortable asking people I do not know well to help, but I think they are usually more willing than I give them credit for. I have found recently, that it is the people I thought I could count on who have backed down from helping in times of need more than the people I have just met. Plus, sometimes I simply get tired of asking people over and over for help. Is that pride or a twisted version of selflessness? Making myself suffer so others don't have to suffer, or not telling them so they won't know the need I am facing?
I'm super busy these days. I'm stage managing Circle Player's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Show dates are tonight and tomorrow at 7pm and next week Thurs.-Sat. at 7 and Sun. at 2 at the Gateway Entertainment Complex downtown on 2nd Ave. South. I'd love to see you there if you can come. I'm sure you'll be busy unpacking and putting homey touches around your new place, but if you need a break you now have no excuse! :o)


Hey girl... where are you? We miss u on here... how is the move? Talk to us!


YAY!!! My brother found my blog!!!! YAY!!!!

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