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September 13, 2005


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I got collared by Southern greens one time... by choice. Saw them in the frozen-vegetable section, bought them, cooked them up. I think they're an acquired taste.

I've acquired taste for many odd vegetables. My mother served them, and we ate them. Okra, asparagus, broccoli, you name it. We drew the line at turnips--no one in the family liked them--and had no experience, in Kansas, with the southern specialties.

I think that in the restaurants, fried chicken is the bribe they offer to get you to eat the greens. While the greens are better for you in their balance of nutrients to calories, we all know which is easier to get past the taste buds.

Turnip greens go better as a component of gumbo. Rather like okra. Okra tastes great, but the slime. Oh, my. Mucilaginous meals make me mad.

Well, if you ever come to visit, we'll go down to Aunt Kizzie's Kitchen. They'll fix you right up with all the greens you can eat.

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