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July 25, 2008


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Thank you for this reminder, Lu. My life has been sharp-edged and unkind, and this post was a nudge back toward our God, who has been nothing but kind to me.

Denese B.

Hi : ) I appreciate your writings. Happened upon your blog one day while searching something out and put it on my favorites. You have a wonderful and honest way of communicating about God. Just wanted to let you know that the overflow of your walk with Him splashes on those you don't even know. Be blessed today.

Joe Kennedy

Please don't wait until August 23rd to post again.

June 27th and July 25th... some of us actually miss you being around.


Sorry!!! I kinda suck at blogging at the moment, don't I? I'll try to do better... just been a difficult time at the moment.... post coming tonight, I promise. :)

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